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So on Friday evening RuPaul crowned season 12's Drag Race winner; Jaida Essence Hall!

As with the reunion, the show was an isolation special, which made it truly unique from all other seasons. As much as I have come to love the theatre finale, this was really something amazing in its own right! Before I talk about the rounds I can honestly say I LOVE all three finalists and would have been happy for any of them to win! So...

Three lip-syncs was all that was in the way of the top three, Crystal, GiGi and Jaida from taking the crown! For me GiGi Stole the first round, Up close, it was truly a lip sync battle. The way GiGi is able to perform with just her face is amazing, she is so expressional and really put on a full performance!

The second round for me again was won by GiGi, both GiGi and Crystal's performances were so imaginative and creative. GiGi pipped it for me, mainly because I LOVE that song and video. Jaida was fantastic but I just wanted more.

All three got through to the final and it was very much deserved! Unfortunately for Crystal the song hindered her finale performance, it just didn't suit her or her aesthetic! GiGi and Jaida were both amazing, however Jaida's costume and dancing really worked well with the song choice of Destinys Child "Survivor" and she really did kill it!

If you were taking into account all three rounds I do believe GiGi should have won. Throughout the season both GiGi and Jaida performed extremely well with only the odd blip here and there! As the season progressed I started to dislike the confidence GiGi portrayed and as much as she spoke about it in the finale I still feel it comes across a little arrogant. On the other hand the more screen time Jaida got as the season progressed and queens were sent packing, I liked her more and more. Jaida comes across as really humble gracious and for that on top of her talent I am pleased she won!!

Over the weekend I came across this video of Jaida's neighbours, friends and family celebrating her win! Although she didn't get the big theatre finale, I think this certainly made up for it!!


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