• Matt Gyde


So tonight see's the finale of Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 12, and I have loved every minute of this season. I have had so many favourites including some who went home early, from Rock to Hiedi and Jackie!! The top three have all been fantastic and I will be happy for any of them to win, however If I had to choose a placing for them I would love to see Crystal crowned the winner tonight (her personality and confessional's push her ahead for me) followed by Jaida then GiGi.

Tonight will be a first for Drag Race, as the finale is an isolation special, with all performing from home rather in the theatre as per previous seasons. This in itself will make it an interesting watch and I am more so looking forward to it having seen how well the reunion was put together!

So how would you like to see the finale pan out tonight and who is your winner!??

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